A Professional Karaoke Show Production
Our Karaoke Catalogue consists of over 25,000 unique songs spanning all genres from classic rock, classic rock & roll and standards to current country, top 40 hits and the largest selection of Broadway/Showtunes and Soundtrack tracks in the GTA!!  

 Our Standard Show Package includes:  

Up to 5 hours of karaoke (not including set up and teardown time the 5 hours starts when your event does not from the time we arrive to leave we require 1.5 hours set up time to be sure everything is set up right and all sound checks are done to insure perfect sound right from the start of the your event though we may take short 5-10 minute breaks thought the night to ensure sound sounds as amazing at the end of the night as it did at the beginning!! Up to 1 hour for proper tear down and packing of system after event or end of the karaoke show time)
Professional Karaoke Jockey
  • Laptop with25,000 Plus unique songs (that's unique titles and not including duplicate versions for various Karaoke Producers)
  • DJ laptop for filler music and DJ moments
  • Rotation Management and playback software for both Karaoke and DJ
  • 2 wireless Numark microphones for singers (wired mics available $5.00 per additional microphones)
  • Sennhieser wireless headset microphone for Sound Engineer
  • 1 Wireless KJ  Mic
  • 3 Wired back up microphones (just in case)
  • Acer Laptop with DJ software Virtual DJ8 and Karaoke Rotation Management software      Karma by Karaosoft.
  • Over 30,000 English Karaoke Tracks
  • Over 12,000 Bollywood Karaoke Tracks (Event Organizer MUST inform Big Bang Karaoke      they wish Bollywood Tracks before event as this is a FREE addon to our services)      *
  • Yamaha StagePass i600 sound system
  • 2x300 watt speakers 600-watt total output
  • 10 channel vocal mixer/amp with vocal fx and reverb/echo
  • Singer Video Monitor
  • Stands; Speaker, 1 Microphone Stand, TV Stand
  • Songbooks; including Kids/Youth recommedation songbook, International songbook and access to our online songbook via data enabled smart devices such as iOS  and Android phones/tablets at KJ code: GF44K.
  • Request slips and pens
  • Table and Drape  (Skrim)
  • Table can be provided
  • Sun Shelter can be provided for outdoor events.

We also offer a unique karaoke experience with our “Retro-Modern” karaoke style… this includes everything you see above… but with a retro twist:  Disc based karaoke… instead of running the karaoke from a laptop… we do it old school by bringing in a CD or CD+Graphics player and over 800 discs with (almost) the same selection as our digital karaoke… we do bring the laptop in case a guest wants to sing a song that is digital only… 80% of a catalogue is available on disc…  Retro-Modern karaoke offers a fun experience for everyone… we highly recommend it… as not only is it the main way we keep our music legal… but if you are an audiophile and we are sure you are… you know that the only thing that sounds better then pure uncompressed music from a CD is the warmth and richness of vinyl… and unfortunately there is no such thing as Karaoke-Vinyl….   

Mobile Event Disc Jockey Services
  Big Bang Karaoke Services focuses on Karaoke and our KJ does not consider himself well versed in DJ culture or skills.He freely admits these limitations… If you are looking for full professional club style DJ services we suggest you look for a company with Disc Jockey in their name! If you are looking for a DJ who can mix songs appropriately and keep the music spinning with no bells and whistles, then your KJ can accommodate that…

This includes:  
  • Up to 5 hours of Disc Jockey services (not including set up and tear down time the 5 hours starts when you event does not from the time we arrive to leave we require 1.5 hours set up time to be sure everything is set up right and all sound checks are done to insure perfect sound right from the start of the your event though we may take short 5-10 minute breaks thought the night to ensure sound sounds as amazing at the end of the night as it did at the beginning!! and up to 1 hour for proper tear down and packing of system after event or end of the show time) 
  • DJ Laptop with 50,000 unique songs our DJ catalog focuses on 80's 90's pop, Country from the 60's to the 2000’s focusing on the New Country Movement of the '90's, classic rock, 80's rock... our catalogue does not focus on house, hip-hop, DEM d it's all of these genres sub-genres, sorry! 
  • 1wireless Numark microphones host/announcements/etc. 
  • Sennheiser wireless headset microphone for DJ. 
  • Acer Laptop with DJ software Virtual DJ8wit Numark NVII DJ Controller.
  • Yamaha StagePass i600 sound system 
  • - 2x300 watt speakers 600-watt total output 
  • - 10 channel vocal mixer/amp with vocal FX and reverb/echo 
  • - speaker stands
  • DJ Song request sheets 
  • Table and Drape  (Skrim)
Sound System Rental
If you are looking for a sound system rental for a local small to a medium venue such as a bar or Banquet Hall... we can provide you with one.

 Our 600-watt sound system includes everything above in the karaoke and DJ package Minus the Laptop, Music and Songbooks and pens.
The Lighting (can be added for an additional charge),

 And includes a sound guy to run the system.

 Sorry none of our systems are DIY and come with a KJ/DJ/Operator
You must provide your own music/audiop files and playback method,

 Sound System rentals includes set up  and take down

Custom Karaoke Lyric Video or MP3+G Production
Did you ever want to sell your music for karaoke to your fans?

Well Now you can!!!

Click Here for more information!!!
General Terms & Conditions For All Services
  • For venues with multi-step check-in' or security procedures and long hauls from the loading/unloading area to the event location. You MUST let us know in advance so that we can adjust our arrival and setup time according and there may be a slight surcharge depending on how complicated the check-in procedures are if they have to occur in various locations i.e. the security office is in a different location then the venue, if KJ has to travel between offices several times or there is a significant distance between the vehicle and setup locations.
  • Payment by cheque must be made and processed before the event. Due to bounced checks in the past.
  • Outdoor events are weather permitting it is up to event organizer(s) to provide alternative if weather is not permitting outdoor entertainment (rain,  etc.)
  • Payments accepted: Cash (is King), Credit Card (MasterCard &  Visa ONLY), Check or Money Order.

Unintentional Damage Is available. Without insurance All Damage willful or not will be charged  to the client

Insurance covers against Unintentional Damage such as:
  • Bumps
  • Knocking over of equipment
  • Dropping of any gear including mics.
  • Falls over equipment

It does not include willful damage to any equipment or gear such as:
  • Theft
  • Tipping of Host table
  • Pushing of equipment aside
  • Hitting Equipment
  • Throwing of Equipment including Mics.
  • Using Big Bang Entertainment’s KJ/DJ terminal for any reason.
  • Using Big Bang Entertainment’s Request Kiosk terminal for anything but utilizing the songbook catalogue and request system… this means no guest may DOWNLOAD, INSTALL, EXICUTE OR RUN ANY SOFTWARE including ‘portable’ software. Nor may they download any media, browse the web, check their email, social media or STORE ANY SENSITIVE information I.E. passwords, we will not be responsible for accounts that are left open to the public or hacked accounts.
  • Nor may they plug in any external media devices such as be not limited to Flash Drives, external hard drive, SD cards, Phones, Tablets, or any other peripheral devices.
  • Any installed programs added by guests (we know what is installed on these terminals and do check and have a list for before and after shows to compare, will be removed and the cost of wiping the hard drive and reinstalling all software including cost of repurchasing software or license keys will be billed. Due to threat of Malware and Spyware.
  • Spilled Drinks resulting in damage. Big Bang Entertainment has a strict policy regarding food and beverages:   NO food or beverage are to be within the ‘stage’ area this includes in hand. There is absolutely NO food or beverages to be placed or left on the    hosting and kiosk tables as well the Monitor stand. Guests will be told to remove them or if the host is busy and does not see a left plate/cup on the table it will be tossed out. Since Big Bang Karaoke hold this policy reminders both signage and verbal announcements will be made and there for any spills resulting in damage on Big Bang Karaoke Equipment are not covered.
  • Mic Drops… Mic Drops have become a regular occurrence at Karaoke, ours and other’s shows. Since the rise of the mic drop at Hip Hop and Rap Shows/Battles and in popular media most notably Music videos and the movie 8 Mile, as well more recently with former President Obama, sketches by Key and Peele, Walter White himself; Bryan Cranston and the infamous among KJ’s Verizon ‘Mic Drop” ad. The replacement cost for Damaged Mics especially professional ones is costly… MIC DROPS ARE NOT TOLERATED AT OUR SHOWS if a guest Mic Drops they will no longer be welcome to sing and if the Mic is damaged as a result it will not be covered. We do know the difference between a Mic Drop and a Dropped Mic.
  • Any willful damage may result in criminal charges of vandalism.