Your Big Bang Entertainment Crew
Company Statement
  1. Kevin Crane
    Kevin Crane
    With over 9 years’ experience hosting karaoke Kevin is one of the owners, Karaoke Jockey/Specialist & Disc Jockey and has the know-how and experience to run a professional show for events of all sizes. Kevin is extremely passionate about karaoke and bringing personalized shows to our clients and exceeding exceptions. Kevin’s passion for the performing arts began early focusing his education on music and drama. His love of Karaoke was discovered when he attended his first karaoke night… he spent the night observing the Karaoke Jockey and what they did. He realized that night that was where he wanted to be.
  2. Susan Chopin
    Susan Chopin
    Discovered her love of music and singing as a way of dealing with her struggles and triumphs with her mental health. Diagnosed as falling on the Autism spectrum she has found that music is a great healing tool! She met Kevin 10 years ago and discovered a shared love of karaoke. Together they founded Omega Karaoke which eventually evolved into Big Bang Entertainment Services over the past 6 year. She is the heart of Big Bang Entertainment working hard to bring a sense of welcoming and encouragement to everyone who attends a Big Bang hosted event. She loved to encourage new singers to give it at try and can get even convert the most introverted person to a karaoke addict.
  3. Hector Arenas
    Hector Arenas
    The newest addition to the Big Bang Entertainment show production team. Brought on when he met Kevin and they discovered their mutual love of karaoke and desire to run the best karaoke event(s) in The Greater Toronto Area… He was added to the Big Bang crew eight months ago and has since become a indispensable member and has earned the title Master Control and runs the Big Bang “master control” behind the skrim. Hector began live music production as a volunteer learning music and vocal mixing on the fly.

Big Bang Karaoke pledges to deliver WOW at every event by going above and beyond our client's expectations with the highest quality professional mobile Karaoke Jockey entertainment available. We are passionate about bringing the best karaoke event to our clients.

Taking from our experience as karaoke goers and learning from our experiences we plan on being 'living' entity in the karaoke entertainment industry by constantly growing and learning what works and does not, thanks to valued customer feedback! As well as gowning with music trends by constantly keeping our music up to date. While keeping Legal in an industry where Piracy among Karaoke Jockeys is run rampant.
  • Karaoke is for EVERYONE!!!
  • Karaoke is NOT The X Factor... we do not judge anyone on their abilities. We do not discriminate talent or lack of... It's karaoke for heaven sake!!
  • We believe that Karaoke is always affordable for anyone who wants it we work as best as we can to bring The Greater Toronto Area's Karaoke Specialists to your event professionally and on your budget!!!
OUR Goals
  • To provide the best karaoke show though knowledge and experience.
  • To provide the best possible show to all clients.
  • To serve the public and gain the respect of the communities we serve.
  • To become a well-known and respected entity in the Karaoke Jockey industry.
  • To promote the general welfare of the Karaoke Industry by promoting legitimacy in the industry though using only legal sourced music and software for hosting and songbook creation and to encourage other KJ’s to do the same.
  • To help encourage artists/singers/songwriters to give permissions to Karaoke Producers to utilize their music to enhance the karaoke fans experience.
  • Within the next year we plan on expanding our already diverse song catalog by adding additional genres not normally found in newer KJ song books such as international and foreign language tracks as well as Broadway/Show Tunes/Soundtracks and gospel tracks that seem to have fallen in to disrepute by local Karaoke Service Providers so as to be able to provide services to an even wider range of communities and clients.
  • To work with local artists to produce their tracks for karaoke under license for exclusive use at Big Bang Karaoke Venues/Shows. We are already working with local artists Amanie//Illfated to produce her tracks and have obtained licensing rights to use both her music and lyrics to create karaoke video tracks.

ABrief History Of This Big Bang:

With over 20 years combined experience the Big Bang Entertainment Crew has the know-how and experience to run a professional show for events of all sizes. Big Bang Entertainment Services is extremely passionate about karaoke and bringing personalized shows to our clients and exceeding exceptions.

We at Big Bang feel that Karaoke is one of the best forms of entertainment and fun due to customer/client/audience interactivity and feel that our dynamic show style reflects this.

 Company History
Big Bang was founded in 2013 and has been doing private events within the Brampton area. We have hosted events such as Birthday, Anniversary, Fundraisers, Karaoke Nites at local venues and Celebration of Personal Milestones.

Our first public event was the 10th Annual Peel Pride Committee hosted by the Peel Pride Committee at Gordon M. Chingcousy Park, Brampton in July 2013.
In 2015 Big Bang Decided to support SAFE – Social Action For Equality, as a Community Partner, a LGBTQ+ organization in the Etobicoke-Lakeshore area of Toronto
Big Bang has worked with SAFE over the years to bring the Etobicoke-Lakeshore LGBTTQQI+ Community/ies events such as #SAFEjam a Music night and Karaoke fundraiser event at local art space Placebo Space on Lake Shore Blvd. As well as #SAFEwalk a walk to raise awareness of LGBTQ+ Issues within the same community as well as offering Gift Cards for Free Events to auction off at Fundraisers.