NEW: Custom Karaoke Tracks Production for Local Bands/Artists

I received an offer from Phoenix Entertainment Partners (PEP) (the owners of the Sound Choice and Chartbuster brands of karaoke tracks) to take part in a new "endeavor" that they have cooked up...
For those of you who are not familiar with the Karaoke industry for decades Sound Choice (then owned by Slep-Tone and former CEO Kurt Slep and now current CEO of PEP) and Chartbuster Karaoke (Formerly Owned by Big Mama Entertainment) were THE BEST karaoke track makers in the world... but due to lawsuits claiming infringement of IP and copyright holders rights (Producing karaoke tracks without getting proper permissions and Licenses) they are no longer producing new music.. They where soon bought out by PEP, who then started a campaign that in it’s inception was about killing piracy in the karaoke industry by "Karaoke Jockeys" that is not the case now. I will not go into it further (If you want to know more I am going to work on the history of Sound Choice for one if the upcoming "Ask A KJ" videos).

For almost a decade they have been promising to "Get the band back together!" meaning to produce new tracks... but since the IP and copyright holders do not want to work with Sound Choice as a label they have had a tough time of trying to get those permissions...

Now they want to, as far as we (those who have been contacted regarding this new endeavor, have come to conclude... want to take advantage of "local talent" as they are calling you... They want us as KJ's to approach local artists and bands to try and convince them to sign your licensing rights over to PEP/Sound Choice for exclusive rights to make your music for karaoke and to distribute through them...

Our roll as the KJ is to approach local bands and convince you to sign over the rights to your music (FOR KARAOKE anyways) for our time and efforts we are offered bugger all for it...

Why Should We Do all the leg work for free and ask Local Talent to Sign THEIR RIGHTS AWAY!?!

We're not and we won't!!

So I figured since PEP and the Sound Choice Brand name have a VERY poor reputation with both IP holders and the Karaoke Industry (both with other producers and with us on the front end the KJs/DJs and Hosts) I though since I already work with one local Toronto Artist Amanie Illfaited to produce her tracks. That I would love to work with other local artists. Now when I say local I don’t mean local to Big Bang Entertainment Services only I mean local talent be you in Toronto, Ontario, Canada or anywhere worldwide as long as you perform/write your own music and are not a tribute or cover band.

Under the agreement I have with Amanie Illfaited, I have been given permission by her to take her backing tracks and create lyric swipes (the on screen lyrics that you see at a karaoke show) to her tracks and then create what is known as a MP3G (MP3+Graphics) version of the song or a Karaoke Video (MP4 format) that I have permission to use in Big Bang Entertainment's catalogue and shows but hold NO rights for sales or distribution of said track(s) and cannot sell them though my site or brand... but then send the completed karaoke version back to her and she has the right (as it's her work and IP) to see or distribute as she sees fit!
I am offering this same arrangement to any other local talent again when I say local talent I do not just  mean local to me I mean any band, singer or artist who has written their own songs and perform their own works or have written for others (and are not a cover/tribute band who sing other artists song) who wishes to have something unique to sell or give to their fans!!!
Below is a 30 second sample and the finished product would not contain the watermark.

Sample of Finished Custom Karaoke Video: "The History Of Everything (The Theme to The Big Bang Theory)" In The Style Of The Barenaked Ladies

30 Second Clip of our Custom Karaoke... The Watermark on your finished product will not be present and the resolution will be HD.

Incidentally, "The History of Everyhting" is the Unoffical theme of Big Bang Entertainment

How it Works:

The First Steps:

After you contact us we will need from you:

  1. Before we start production on your tracks we will send you our copyright statement to sign that says that you are the IP and/or copyright holder to this work and that it is your original work OR have authorization to use it. It also states that at no time can Big Bang Entertainment distribute or sell in anyway any tracks sent to us... we have the right to create the karaoke swipes/video for said tracks only and only have the right to use then at our karaoke shows (Big Bang Entertainment's Karaoke Show Production Division) but you the rights holder have soul distribution rights to sell and distribute as you see fit be it the tracks themselves or said distribution rights.
  2. As well as the agreement to allow us the right to add those tracks to our karaoke catalog as partial payment for Karaoke Track creation once again this agreement allows for the use of the tracks souly by Big Bang Entertainment within Big Bang Entertainments Karaoke Show Production Services, that we may not distribute of sell in any format any songs created under this program we simply can use them as part of our songbook.
  3. The Tracks(s) in Instrumental or With the Backing vocals only in MP3 or WAV format depending on your preference for compressed or uncompressed audio. NOTE MP3+G format is ONLY available in MP3 format if that is your file choice for creation, Video we can make using Uncompressed  WAV ONLY our lyrics swipe creation/synchronization software is compatible with WAV or MP3
  4. The full Vocal Track so we may use it as a guide for creation of the lyric swipe synchronization... We can also use this to create a Karaoke Track w/ Lead Vocals for singers/fans to rehearse using.
  5. A complete text (.txt no Word or other work processor files can be used) version of the song(s) lyrics.
  6. What colours you would like your text for the title and copyright end card text to be any pictures you want to include (Please see below regarding picture quality on the MP3g format), your lyric sype preferences (see below).
  7. All information for tite cards: song name, and full name/perfered/stage/etc. name of the singer/artist/band and for the Credits Card: all Songwriter(s) including who wrote the music and lyrics that wish to be credited, year of release/copyright, if you have a publisher and also if you or song is registered/a member of any Perfromers Rights Orginization (PRO) such as Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada (SOCAN) or re:SOUND, your Website or other contact infomation you would like displayed (Please limit to 3 lines or contacts IE. Website, Facebook, Twitter)
Our Process
You can email us the files we need from you once the paper work is processed!

We then take the provided files and sync the lyrics to the song though our professional karaoke track/video creation software do all necessary edits to insure timing sync accuracy.
Create a title card for you similar to the one in the above video though you can choose your colours.

For colours on Swpes and text you can choose from the standard 16 colour RGB palette.

A NOTE on Pictures:
For MP3+g format due to limitations pictures will be converted to 16-colour jpeg on the final outputed .cdg file due to traditional limitations of the original physical CD+G (Compact Disc Plus Graphics)  where the subcode that the grapgics portion of a CDG is witten to cannot store full information... MP3g creation software still assumes MP3g may at some point be burned to CD+G...
Full Video MP4 does not have that restriction and can also utilize full motion background videos.

This process can take up to 2 weeks to finish professionally depending on your needs and current queue.
We will then send you back the finished process for you approval and if you are not satisfied with the end result let us know where you have issues and we will fix them.
For delivery from us we can send the MP3g files though email.
We will use a Cloud sharing service to deliver video files due to email attachment size restrictions.

  • A service fee of $50 for or 5 for $200
  •  additional $10/track to include he lead vocals karaoke video version)
  • For rush jobs (turnaround of 5 days) anditional $20/track
  •  The agreement that Big Bang Entertainment's Karaoke Division be given permission by you (the IP creator/holder) use said tracks in Big Bang Entertainment's cataloug and shows but hold NO rights for sales or distribution of said track(s) and cannot sell them though our site or brand or under any other circumstaagreement that Big Bang Entertaiment's Karaoke Division
  • be given permission by you (the IP creator/holder) have permission to

Contact Big Bang Entertainment's Custom Karaoke Division:

Please be as detailed as possible about the project... your name/band name location, Genre, etc!!
Band/Group/Perfered Name